Choosing A Water Bottle Label

June 14, 2020 0 Comment

Think about all of the information put onto the tiny bottled water label. Of course there’s the name of the bottled water and let’s not forget a logo, but there’s also generally a bit of information about where the water comes from, why it is set apart from the rest, and where it is manufactured. This tiny bit of reading material provides satisfaction for someone that is drinking a bottle of water, say, on the bus, or even waiting for a bus, or a meeting, or a class – anytime someone is waiting, the human eyes naturally look for something to read.

In addition, bottled water labels are practical because the person drinking the water is sure to want to know more about where it came from. Everyone wants to know everything about anything. As a manufacturer of bottled water, you must make your water label appealing to others. It has to stand out. What’s the difference between a boring white-labeled bottle of water and a green, colorful labeled bottle of water? You guessed it – a customer. People don’t like plain and simple when it comes to the label. People like to see creativeness – they buy what catches their eye. This needs to be taken into consideration when you are designing your water label.

Another important point to consider when designing your water label is word usage. You want to use descriptive, tantalizing words to describe your water so that it will appeal more to your customer. When reading your bottled water label, your customer should be able to visualize a scene in their head. For example, the label may make one visualize a luscious, water spring in the middle of a peaceful, green forest.

Think original, and try to avoid the cliché of having a blue label. Blue symbolizes water, but it’s completely overdone, with a fair amount of bottled water already having blue labels. Also, make sure there’s a picture on your bottled water label, if not a backdrop. In addition to the visual words, pictures make a great accompaniment that fully delivers the concept you are trying to sell – the concept being delicious bottled water that is set apart from the rest.